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Monitor and Protect What Matters

with the?ID Theft Protection Plan from Med Plus Discounts

Millions of Americans experience identity theft every year and feel the effects for years to come. With our ID Theft Protection plan, we protect you while saving you money.

Plans start at


per month

How Does It Work?

The ID Theft Protection Plan shields you from theft and defends you if a breach occurs.

Monitor More of What Matters

We monitor your identity from every angle, not just your Social Security number, credit cards and bank accounts. If any change in your status occurs, you receive an email update immediately.

Counsel When You Need It

Our identity specialists are focused on protecting you. They are available to provide you with a complete picture of identity theft, walk you through all the steps you can take to protect yourself and answer any questions. Plus, they are available 24 hours a day, every day, in the event of an identity theft emergency. We?re always here to help, no matter what.

Restore Your Identity Completely

IDShield is the only company with an exclusive partnership with Kroll, the worldwide leader in theft investigative services. If a compromise occurs, contact your Licensed Private Investigator who will immediately begin restoring your identity to pre-theft status.

Why Do I Need This Plan?

Identity theft has been one of the top consumer complaint led with the FTC for 16 years straight. Victims are spending an exorbitant amount of time and money dealing with it. The criminals are getting smarter. That?s why you need identity theft protection that?s more than a website. Our Licensed Private Investigators will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore your identity to its pre-theft status. You have our $5 million service guarantee.

At the low price of $18.95 per month, you receive:


Identity Consultation Services


Privacy Monitoring


Security Monitoring


Employee Family Plan Coverage


Identity Restoration


Is this insurance?
No. This is not insurance. It?s important to note that this plan is NOT insurance. It is strictly a membership that will save you 25% off veterinary services. You are required to pay the vet directly for services rendered.
Is anything else included with the membership?
Veterinarians are not required to discount non-medical services such as routine grooming and boarding, outsourced services such as blood work sent to a lab or an outside specialist, mileage fees, and products you take home such as medications and food. However, our Vet Discount members get an additional 15% discount off the already discounted prices at on all ?products, including pet food, prescriptions, flea & heartworm preventatives, and more.

Please note: You cannot combine the discount with other discounts or service packages.

Are there exclusions or pre-existing condition restrictions?
Absolutely not! No matter the age, type of animal or health of your pet, you still save.
How long after I enroll can I start using Pet Assure?
Once you sign up, you will receive an email with your temporary card within 8 business hours from our partner Pet Assure. We will mail you a permanent Pet Assure card within 1 – 10 business days.
What is your cancellation policy?
Cancel at any time. There are no contracts to be a member. If you cancel within the first 30 days, you will receive 100% money back guaranteed.
Who is Med Plus Discounts?
Med Plus Discounts is an American company born out of the need for a service-centric, technology-driven organization that focuses on saving the average American money. In addition?to MyTelemedicine, we provide discount plans for those that are looking for affordable solutions. We promise to provide you upfront pricing and transparency. We’re also proud to say that a portion of every transaction is donated to American-based children’s charities. Every time you use Med Plus Discounts’ services to help yourself, your family or a friend. you are also helping children in need. We consider this a win-win.

The ID Theft Protection Plan

The IDSheild Service Guarantee

Our industry-leading identity restoration experts are ready and waiting to help restore your identity. Unlike other providers in the market, we don?t waste time retaining an insurer to restore your identity as we have a fully integrated partnership allowing Kroll?s Licensed Private Investigators to handle your identity restoration needs. We understand how important it is to be prepared for the worst. We are ready to take action immediately.?

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected with our money back guarantee. If you decide within 30 days of purchase that you aren’t totally satisfied with our service, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase – no questions asked.

Ready to Start Saving?

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About Med Plus Discounts

Med Plus Discounts is an American company devoted to helping American families and individuals receive the care they otherwise couldn't afford. Whether you're uninsured, underinsured or have a high deductible, our mission is to help save you money so you can live a healthy, prosperous life.?We are also proud to say that a portion of every transaction is donated to American-based children's charities.